Problem using NetBios name resolving

Olav A. Abelsen Olav.Abelsen at
Mon Oct 4 18:50:39 GMT 2004


Someone who has any idea bout this problem:

We are using a Red Hat 9.0 server acting as a primary domain server. The
clients are Win XP, SP1 and SP2, all joining the defined domain: it worked
fine until now.

After a couple of months away from this domain working in a different
network (upgraded my XP to SP2) my domain logon doesn't work properly.

Now I`m not able to lookup other network names in the domain. Pinging names
in the domain doesen't work, but I'm able to browse and access server
resources in windows explorer!!

I think I have isolated the problem to NetBios naming lookup. The nmbd
service is running on the server, if I turn this service off the explorer
browsing dosen't work (as expected). When I turn it on the browsing is
working, but using e.g. ping doesen't work.

If i use the command: nbtstat -A <server ip adress> the Samba resources on
the server are listed normally.

I have turned off the firewall, activating NetBios over TCP/IP.

If i register my network servers and domainname in XPs hosts-file (importing
lmhosts) it works fine, but this is not a permanent solution.
Note that this problem doesn't occur on other workstations in our domain.

Anyone who can help me?

Olav Abelsen

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