Windows 2003 Server as a client

Ioan NIKY Pricop pniky at
Wed May 26 12:26:31 GMT 2004

Dear Sirs,

I am new here as your documentation assisted me in any matter up till now...
But now I have installed a Windows 2003 Server on my computer, made it member
to the existing domain in my organisation - PDC is an old WinNT Server. Until
now I have had a Win2K Professional which didn't pose any problems in using
"net use X: \\zwei\<share>", but now I get "Error 67 - network name cannot be
found" [nothing changed in Samba configuration]. More, when I try "net view
\\zwei" I get "Error 50 - request is not supported". It may be a problem often
raised here, but I didn't found any tool to search the archives...

With great expectations,

Ioan (John) NIKY Pricop
Bucharest - ROMANIA
pniky at

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