encrypted password not working with winxp

Rafael Pivato rpivato at cpovo.net
Fri May 7 16:13:44 GMT 2004

All I can say is that WinXP doesn't work with unencrypted passwords...
Maybe a reg-key would change this behaviour.

Rafael Pivato

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From: Jeremy Villalobos
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Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 11:14 AM
Subject: encrypted password not working with winxp

I have a small 4 computer network with one linux box.  I setup samba a while
ago, but I had to disable the encrypted password for the sign in because the
linux box behave very extrage when I used the encrypted password on.  I
could not login even from the same computer I had the samba server on.  Is
this a popular error when installing samba?

Jeremy Villalobos
jvillalobos at earthlink.net
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