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Olle Hansson Olle.Hansson at
Tue Mar 16 15:31:56 GMT 2004

Hello smb-clients list.

We have a Windows 2003 Server with a share called users where Windows 
users store there files (H:) :)
We have a several FreeBSD and MacOS X based Computers here.
It have wold be very nice to have same home directory for both windows 
and Unix. so /home/tomten  wold be tomtens home directory (:H) in 

When Im running smb_mount command, it asks me for a password for a 
specific user I have specified in the smb_mount command.
And when Im mounting the windows share as this user, I can see all 
users home directories with wrong permissions becaus I gave the user 
name and password when Im mounted the smb share.

So my question is.
Is there a way to set up this? So every user account have right 
permissions to the home directory?
Have anyone done this? And is it a HOWTO somewhere out there?

I know there is a SFU 3.5 for windows out there, but it wold be very 
nice to use Samba and maybe kerberos that is already there.

Olle Hansson

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