two problems with pam authentication

31sahibzada at 31sahibzada at
Tue Jun 22 11:16:40 GMT 2004


   my etc/pam.d/login file is given at the end.

 i am using winbind and single sign on is working now. on the fly
directory creation also works.

 when i check the /var/log/messages  i have this error in there

1.Jun 23 05:40:46 niit158VM pam_winbind[1696]: user 'linwin/zubair'granted

2.Jun 23 05:40:46 niit158VM pam_winbind[1696]: user 'linwin/zubair'
granted acces

3.Jun 23 05:40:46 niit158VM PAM-mkhomedir[1696]: unknown option; /etc/skel/

4.Jun 23 05:40:46 niit158VM  -- LINWIN/zubair[1696]: LOGIN ON tty1 BY

now why is winbind being called twice?i have it only once in the
authentication section of the login file. i do have it in others sections

secondly why is it giving this unknown option error. every time a new user
logings the directory is created on the where is this error coming

ok this was the first problem.

now the second problem is when the root logins.

here is what the /var/log/messages have for us

Jun 23 06:00:37 niit158VM pam_winbind[1834]: request failed: No such user,
PAM error was 10, NT error was NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER
Jun 23 06:00:37 niit158VM pam_winbind[1834]: user 'root' granted acces
Jun 23 06:00:37 niit158VM PAM-mkhomedir[1834]: unknown option; /etc/skel/
Jun 23 06:00:37 niit158VM  -- root[1834]: ROOT LOGIN ON tty1

now look at this. first winbind tries it for user root and fails.

and in the second line again winbind tries and user root is granted
access. there is no user named root in active directory. how is winbind
being able to authenticate root?

here is my login file

auth       required
auth       required
auth       sufficient
auth       required shadow use_first_pass

account    sufficient
account    required service=system-auth

password   sufficient
password   required service=system-auth

session    sufficient skel= /etc/skel/ umask=0022
session    required service=system-auth

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