on the fly access and privilege determination

Sahibzada Junaid Noor sjunaidn at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 5 10:52:28 GMT 2004

   I have a active directory domain of windows 2000.

inside AD i have three user groups. Teachers, students
and administration.

  every user has his home directory created on the
fly. the umask is 0022.

now what i want is that apart from users accessing
there home directories there should be some other
folders too which they can access.

like teachers would like to access the assignments
folder where students can paste there assignments. but
students can only paste and cannot read in this

also i want a folder which both teachers and students
can accees like the lecture notes folder which
the lecture notes for the current academic session.

what infact i would like to have is that the rights
and permissions of a certain user to be determined on
the fly based on his membership of a certain active
directory user group to which he belongs.

like only a user belonging to teacher group can access
a assignments folder. 

but some one belonging to either teacher or students
can access lecture notes.

the same way no one except the administration can
acceess the confidential folders containing the
progress reports .

i hope i have been clear

can any one send a smb.conf which contains such


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