win 98 won't log into samba

Jeremy Villalobos jvillalobos at
Fri Jan 30 05:32:14 GMT 2004

    I have four computers at home, one with suse linux, the others with winxp, winxp pro, and win 98.  It took me a while to set up samba, once I got it to work I did not know how I got it to work.  But now it has being running for about 4 months.  Just recently I added the win 98 pc, and I found out that the win 98 pc does not see the samba server.  net use or net view will not work.  I will not show on network neigborhood.  The only thing that works is pinging.
    for the samba pc to work with the win xp, I had to disable encrypted passwords on the other operating systems.  But I understand that win 98 come with plain passwords as a default

thank you for any help.

Jeremy Villalobos
jvillalobos at
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