"net send" type command needed from unix

Igor Besic igor at srt021.org.yu
Wed Jan 28 11:57:11 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 11:46, Avtar Sehmbi wrote:
> I wish to send a "net send" command to send a message from Unix (AIX) shell
> script to the Windows 2000 environment. The syntax from microsoft for this
> command is available under:
> http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home/us...en/net_send.asp
> This works from a DOS shell prompt using the IP address or the PC name, for
> example the below work in DOS:
> net send gbrpc4049 a message
> or
> net send another message
> I am unsure how to send from Unix script to Windows. Is there a similar
> command to "net send" available in unix shell script or samba ?
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I don't know that samba can send messages using udp. You can send winpopup 
messages using tcp via smbclient:
smbclient -M destination-host  -U my-host -n my-host

For udp messages (for NT/XP/2000) I use ksalup with more or less problems... 
;( You should try it. 

Sending messages wouldn't be a problem. Please send any info. about using 


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