Samba Licensing

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at
Thu Mar 20 23:28:26 GMT 2003

Speak to richard sharpe. He has extracted and reduced the libsmbclient code
for a variety of purposes and probably has the most copyright on the code.
Unfortunately I believe it draws from other parts of the samba codebase so he's
definitely not the only copyright holder.

jCIFS is LGPL which doesn't have the 'viral' aspect. Of course it's Java though.

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> Does anybody know anything about licensing the samba client library for use in a commercial product?
> Although, the code is freely available, the restrictions associated with the GNU GPL make it unappealing for incorporation into a commercial product. The CIFS client would be a very small feature in
> our existing product, and we are not willing to release the entirety of our code base to accomodate a relatively small piece of GPL code.
> I had heard that at one point the Samba group was willing to grant a special license for a fee. I was wondering if such an arrangement would still be possible? If so who would I contact about such
> an arrangement?
> Thanks!

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