Can see Linux box, but no shares from windows

Susol, Brian J. BSusol at
Mon Mar 3 17:44:41 GMT 2003

Can anyone provide me a few suggestions?

I installed Redhat 8.0 on my laptop. XP Pro on my windows box.
I am using Samba/SWAT at the moment as well. 

I have the basic smb.conf that I took from the example folder and made no
changes except opening the public share. (unfortunately I am at work so I
cant show exactly what I have). I also added the workgroup =  line under
[global] and added my windows workgroup.

I am currently having two problems. 
The first is that I can SEE the linux box from windows. Its listed, its
I try to explore it, but I cannot. There is no share. Windows gives me the
curious error that a duplicate name exists on the network and I should
rename it. 

On the linux side, when I try to do a smbclient -L myhostname I am now
getting what I beleive said NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILED... It had worked properly
before. I am not sure what I could of changed to cause this. 

All I am looking to do it set up a very basic share at this point. 
Can anyone suggest to me a very basic smb.conf so I can compare with mine?
Or even provide me any tips? I think I am going to start from scratch with
it and try again. I have hit this problem twice now though so I am concerned
what the issue is. There is no firewall. Encrypted passwords is on...   

I can provide more information when I get home if I am missing something(I
am sure I am)

Thank you for any assistance.

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technical resource specialist
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