changing file permissions on samba server with samba-client

Ian Firla ian at
Wed Jul 23 14:28:24 GMT 2003

Dear All,

I'm running version 2.2.3a-12.3 of samba, samba-client and samba-common on a 
Debian 3.0 server that's tracking stable (woody).

Interestingly, while I can connect and change file permissions on a samba 
share with a windows client, I cannot do so from a linux box using 

I assume this is a known issue, but are there any work-arounds available?

From googling around on the subject, I'm aware that the problem arises because 
of the difference in how linux and windows handle file permissions; however, 
what I find confiusing is why a windows client is able to change perms on a 
samba share while a linux client using the same protocol is not.

I've also connected to the samba volume from another machine running 
samba-cleint 3.0.0beta2-1 and have the same problem. I can see the files, 
read the files, but not change the perms on the files.

Any thoughts?

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