problem configuring Printer

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Fri Jul 4 16:05:22 GMT 2003

SMB is not a routable protocol (for the discovery of hosts anyway).

Can you see your server if you try to connect to it with its IP @ (Not its
netbios name) ?
1 - ping the serveur from the linux.
if not OK => there is probably a problem in your routing scheme.
2 - Can you "smbclient" to a share ?
if not OK => there is probably a problem in your Linux's or Windows

If 1 and 2 OK you could be abble to connect your printer by this way. (using
the IP @ and not the netbios name)

Anyway, if you want to see your server in your neighborhood, you have to
install a WINS server (SAMBA is OK for that).
You can activate it in smb.conf.
after that, tell all your machines and the server to signal themselves and
to get the list of the hosts to the WINS server (with its IP).
This can be done in the IP configuration dialog boxes (advanced button)

For the tests, I think it would be a good thing to have a windows machine on
the same network than the Linux (to see if you can reach the windows


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> Hi
> I have a Windows 2000 server atach to printer and a linux workstation in
> another network.
> I want to install printer. But only see my network and server cannot see.
> The server is in other network trough a router.
> anybody can help me.
> Thanks.
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