Pb mounting Windows 2000 shares

Matthieu Racine m.racine at free.fr
Tue Jul 1 14:43:01 GMT 2003


I'm using a SAMBA server (Debian Woddy 3.0 / Kernel 2.4.20) to share files
between a Windows 2000 and Others Linux servers.

I'm stuck with the following problem :
When i create Directories/Files using special characters (éàç...) the
translation is not correct between the systems.
I've set character set = ISO8859-1 in smb.conf.
Now the traslation is correct between Windows 2000 using SAMBA shares. BUT A
linux mounting a SAMBA share has now the problem :
specials chars are not corrects. Idem for a Linux mounting a Windows 2000

I've tried
mount -t smbfs -o
username=myuser,password=xxxx,iocharset=iso8859-1,codepage=cp850 ... And all
the charsets/codepages I've found without succes.

Sometime the translation presents a ? other times a :x82 replacing the é.

Please HELP,



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