Is it possible??

Philippe AMIOT p.amiot at
Wed Jan 15 09:53:04 GMT 2003

You can know the users already login with the samba log, see samba log
format for more information.
The log keep the IP and username too, depend on the format you made

For your problem I think it's better to offer a Proxy with
authentification -> see
Squid can offer you a proxy with autghentification !

Phil [FR]

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Subject: Is it possible??

> Dear All,
> Sorry to bother you .  Would any one want to help me solve the following
question? Is this Function possible?
> I want to build a firewall based on linux, and the authentication I want
to use is MS NT Domain Authentication(using Samba), So that all the users
who already login into the domain can visit the outside via firewall without
any other authentication no longer. I am sure I can get the IP address of
the use who want send a new connect request(TCP/SYN packet), but How can I
know whether this user(IP) already logins into the domain or not?  Is the
PDC keep such information like all the IP addresses of the users who already
pass the NT Domain authentication?  If not , Is there any other method I can
use to realize this function?    What should I do then?   Thank you very
much,  I really appreciate your help!
> sincerely yours
> Wu Zhan
> wuzhan at

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