Slow connection with smbclient (Windows in the same machine works fine!) - Sorry, message a little long...

Henrique Cesar Ulbrich henrique at
Tue Jan 14 20:43:04 GMT 2003

Historiadores acreditam que, em Ter 14 Jan 2003 18:30, Ken Barber disse:
> If I were in your shoes my next step would be to fire up a packet sniffer
> (Ethereal for instance) and see what is coming and going on the wire.

I thought I said that...

I'm monitoring it with tcpdump. I used ethereal also. 
I'm monitoring now without the X server running to isolate more possible 

I'v seen no problem iin the packets itself. All broadcasts from my machine 
are promptly ansewrered. But my machine seems to do nothing with them for a 
long time.

There is no flooding of broadcasts from my machine. Just one, and an eternal 
delay till whatever Im doing (e.g. "ls") is finally done.

If it helps, I can send a copy of the dumpfile to the list.

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