PDC move Problem

jason at moneyweb.co.za jason at moneyweb.co.za
Mon Dec 22 11:43:16 GMT 2003

Hi guys

I had a old PC running as a Samba 2.2.7 PDC (mnyPDC) with roaming 
profiles. I bought a new PC and installed Debian with Samba 3 to replace 
the old system.
During the setup and testing phase I called it (mnyPDCNew), tested a few 
PC's and it ran perfectly. 
I then powered down the old PDC, changed the name of the new server from 
(mnyPDCNew) to (mnyPDC).

Now all the workstations boot up saying they can't find (mnyPDCNew) and 
will be using there local profile.
How do I tell the workstations to profile on (mnyPDC) and not (mnyPDCNew)

Jason Burnard 
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