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Greg Brown:

Sharing a Windos XP with a Samba Server

1.- In command run write REGEDIT
2.- go to :
3.- Modify the next string :  "requiresignorseal" from value 1 to 0.
4.- Reboot.


See you..!!!!

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Today's Topics:

   1. Windows XP client cannot access samba shares (Greg Brown)


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I have a problem.  I have a netra T1 (Solaris 8 64bit) running samba
2.2.8a.  this server is not a PDC, it is just a client on the domain
sharing out a directory.  all the win98,win2k clients can access the shared
directory fine.  however the XP clients get a permission denied when
accessing the share.  it can see the system, however, when you try to click
on the shared directory (home) you get a network resource is unavailable,
permission denied, please contact your systems administrator.  I get these
on all the XP professional clients.  any help would be greatly appreciated.
below is a copy of my smb.conf file:

        workgroup = CATALYST
        null passwords = yes
        log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
        max log size = 50
        netbios name = catalyst
        netbios aliases = catalyst
        security = domain
        encrypt passwords = yes
        server string = Unix Server
        debug level = 4
        profile acls = yes
        domain logons = Yes

        writable = yes
        browseable = yes
        comment = Home Directories
        path = /export/home
        public = YES
        guest ok = yes


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