libsmbclient listing bug

Vlindos Vlindos vlindos at
Sun Sep 8 19:33:18 GMT 2002

So the bug story:
i've started The Crawler project ( for which was good idea using libsmbclient. In the begin of developing there was no any problem about libsmbclient, but suddenly libsmbclient started to list not  workgroups in my lan and the hosts from some of the workgroups, everything other i've use from libsmbclient api was working but i really need this for full c 
solution of indexing machine. I need help about how to prevent that bug and the second is libsmbclient feature :
for the next version ot crawler i need to get ip of broadcast query, so i've check latest libsmbclient 2.2.6pre2 this feature is missing (no where is possible to get ip by hostname...) this mean to me to use old smbclient tool to get answer but it is ugly hack... 
Please if anybody can help me with there problems please mail me :
vlindos at

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