SMB Ports?

Thorsten Brabetz T.Brabetz at
Thu Oct 24 10:49:58 GMT 2002


> This has been a long letter but I hope I've helped.  I was the network
> administrator in an academic environment (as you are) once upon a time.  I
> really, really enjoyed the challenge and I'd go back to that environment in
> a heartbeat if I could find a school that had an opening.
> Ken Barber

Dear Mr. Barber, 

   Thank you very much for your letter, which I would rather quote as 
comprehensive than long, and which contained a lot of useful information that 
I had not been aware of before. It also confirmed my suspicion that the 
situation is somewhat messy under Windows, and re-assured me that my approach 
of rather using Linux at the critical points in the network is maybe not all 
wrong, even though it is sometimes a real hassle getting the Windows and 
Linux machines to talk to each other... 

   I will have a chat with those people here more experienced, those in 
charge of the university firewall, and those in charge of the money, and see 
which of the options suggested by you are acceptable considering our current 
funding (or, should I say, lack of it?  ... which is one of the downsides of 
the university environment...   :o). 

Thanks again!

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