Help on smb authentication on Windows

Tay, William William.Tay at
Tue Oct 8 21:17:57 GMT 2002

Why is it that when I invoked "smbclient //server/share" on a Linux machine
(server and share on Win2000), I was successfully authenticated with the
"smb: \>" prompt? Against what username/password, if at all, on Windows does
it match? 
This does not seem to be the case for WinNT. I have to add the -U option and
a username with its corresponding password (which I created on WinNT via
Users Mgmt.) to get to the prompt.
Is there any configuration I have to do on Win2000 so that it behaves the
same way as WinNT, regarding the issue above? 
I am testing smb authentication using non-ASCII username/password. 
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