System Error 53 in XP when trying to connecting to SAMBA

Dan De Cotiis ddecoti1 at
Fri Nov 22 03:18:51 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,
                        I realize that some of what I am doing with
SAMBA is not appropriate from a security standpoint, but I am simply
trying to demonstrate a concept to others in my organization.  I am
trying to setup a public samba share that is accessible by members of my
organization at remote campuses (I realize that using samba alone for
this is probably a bad idea and that I should probably be using some
sort of VPN technique).  I need to support windows 98, 2000, and XP
clients.  I have set SAMBA up correctly, I think because I can map a
network drive to Windows 98 and 2000 by mapping to
\\\myshare <file:///\\\myshare> .  This
technique does not work for my XP clients.  I am unable to map the drive
in XP, and I get a "the network does not exist" error.  I have enabled
NetBIOS over TCP/IP in the advanced TCP/IP settings dialogue, but when I
open a command windows and type "net view \\\myshare
<file:///\\\myshare> " I get a message that "System Error
53 has occurred".  When I issue this same command in 98 and 2000 I don't
have a problem, and the command returns a list of available shares on
the samba server.  I know the XP doesn't play nice with samba, but can
any offer a suggestion as to what I can do to allow the XP clients to
see the shares?  
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