W2k clients won't join domain

rgx at gmx.de rgx at gmx.de
Tue Nov 19 14:48:26 GMT 2002

Dear list,

for days and weeks, now, I am fighting to add our W2k clients to our 
domain. The previously NT4 server was replaced by Samba 2.2.2, 
this is a list of what I tried so far:

- re-create machine accounts
- enable plain passwords in w2k registry
- enter domain suffix string 
- vary IP and name of clients
- add NT ACL = NO to [GLOBAL} section on smb.conf

Sometimes I seemingly succeed, i.e. joining the domain results in a 5 
minute pause and then a message "welcome to the domain". But 
when I 
try to enter username/password after a reboot, I always get the same 
message (machine account does not exist or account not valid).

I am very grateful for any suggestions

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