Ken Barber pundit at teleport.com
Tue Nov 12 02:00:02 GMT 2002

On Monday 11 November 2002 16:06, albert at wickywicky.net wrote:
> I have to build a VPN within two networks each with a SMB network with a
> Windows NT server and machines from both sides need to have access to a
> file share of the server from the other side.

Well, this is REALLY off-topic for an SMB Clients list, but I happen to know 
the answer.

> I wanted to do it with only one gateway configured in each windows
> computer  and leave the routing decision to my linux router but I don't
> know if it is possible. 

You need two gateways, one for each network.  And Linux is the wrong tool for 
the job, unless you're into compiling custom kernels.  The protocol you want 
to use is called IPSec, and it's illegal under US law to include it in the 
Linux kernel.  I strongly recommend OpenBSD for VPN gateways -- since NO 
OpenBSD code is produced in the United States, it comes out of the box with 
IPSec built in.

> Could somebody explain me how should it be configured? 

You have a lot of reading and research to do.  Learn all you can about IPSec, 
and then ask this question on a mailing list that deals with those issues.

Ken Barber

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