albert at wickywicky.net albert at wickywicky.net
Tue Nov 12 00:06:55 GMT 2002

I have to build a VPN within two networks each with a SMB network with a
Windows NT server and machines from both sides need to have access to a
file share of the server from the other side.

I wanted to do it with only one gateway configured in each windows
computer  and leave the routing decision to my linux router but I don't
know if it is possible. One machine from networkA //smbA/machineA will
look for resorceB which is in networkB it will just look for it with a
broadcast in the same network and won't find it.

Could somebody explain me how should it be configured? Do I need WINS
servers? (if so, would you use samba or it would be problematic?) Where
can I find some nice documentation about such configuration?

Many thanks in advance!

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