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Fri Nov 8 15:10:50 GMT 2002

I installed samba 2.2.6 on a Linux PC (slackware 8.0) with updated kernel 2.4.18,
and I have the samba 2.2.6 server (slackware 8.1) on my network.
When a user (not root) on Linux PC, tries to mount the "samba share", all is ok, 
this is my raw in the file /etc/fstab:

//slinux001/dati /rete noauto,user,workgoup=TEST 0 0

but when the same user tries to "umount" it, he cannot because in /etc/mtab the
raw of samba mounted share does not include the option "user".

I modified the "smbmnt" source code to do this and now all is working fine.

Could someone help me to know if this modification could be can be useful for anyone,
or if it can be interesting for the samba team ?
If it is useful, I can place my source code on a ftp server.

Please answer me soon, I will be waiting.

Roberto Taglioretti
taglioretti at
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