Wrong File Size

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Thu Nov 7 21:11:28 GMT 2002

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Vaile wrote:

> I just connected to a Windows share using smbmount from my Linux system. 
>  One of the files on the Windows share is over 13Gigs in size, but 
> through Samba, it is only reported as 755Mg.  Is this a known bug or is 
> there something I should know?

smbfs doesn't support files >2G in the 2.4 kernels.

You can get patches here if you need this:

The 2.4.18 patches work with later kernels too, but you don't need the 
"00" patch first. Note that there is both a samba and a kernel patch.


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