IP used by smbmount

albert at wickywicky.net albert at wickywicky.net
Fri Nov 1 23:45:32 GMT 2002

I'm new to samba and hope I'm on the correct list, tell me otherwise.
I've got a problem when I try to mount my winNT server D: drive. It used
to work until I changed the IP address of one of the network interfaces
(the one of the external network).
The thing is that when I try to mount the drive, smbmount is querying to but with the external IP which is not in the range of and I suspect this is the problem as no machine in the
network responds to my client's queries... could somebody confirm this? If
so.. how can I force smbmount to use the correct IP address (couldn't find
it in the docs)?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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