samba client

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu May 9 08:59:26 GMT 2002

On Thu, 9 May 2002 jacky_pan at wrote:

> As we discussed before,the process of smbmount is blocked to wait for a signal
> of SIGUSR1 from smbfs.I think smbfs didn't send the signal.So the process can't
> continue.I think this happen before reconnect(ioctl).So the question maybe is
> when and where in source code smbfs send this signal.

No, you don't understand.

smbmount connects first, then it does an ioctl which passes the connection
to smbfs. After that the smbfs mount should be functional.

smbmount now waits for (smbfs to tell it that) the connection to stop
working. It is NOT an error that smbmount is waiting there. It's now a 
daemon and is waiting for an external event.

You can replace the pause() with an exit(0) if you like. It won't change
anything for the initial mount, the only effect is that when the smb
server decides that smbfs has been idle for too long the connection will 
be dropped and smbfs can't open it.


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