WinXP Pro not finding PDC

kevin at kevin at
Wed Jul 24 13:12:18 GMT 2002

Quoting Sander van Vliet <maxor at>:

There's a .reg file in the SAMBA source docs, here's a pasted in copy.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 

; This registry key is needed for a Windows XP Client to join 
; and logon to a Samba domain. Note: Samba 2.2.3a contained 
; this key in a broken format which did nothing to the registry - 
; however XP reported "registry key imported". If in doubt 
; check the key by hand with regedit. 



> Hello I've got some problems with XP joining my samba PDC. It complains about
> a 'SRV' record that should be in my DNS but I've got no idea if this is
> required or what it should read.
> Greetz Maxor
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