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Mon Jul 22 15:42:51 GMT 2002

Hi there, Samba expertise , please help ! 
           Recently , i setup samba version 1.9.18p10 and managed to use smbclient to see a list of share directories. I tried to logged in using smbclient n sucessfully shown with a smb> ..But when i used the winclient (win98) , i can even use net use which showned error 51.the specified computer is not receiving any request !
As on the neighbourhood browser, i m able to see the sambox but couldnt map it !
Help 1 I had tried 3 months trying to figure this out ! but no avail !
          My second attempt ...i decied to reinstall samba beta vesion 2.0.4b-19990519 .This time , when i used smbclient -L PD  (PD my server name) i get an
error : session request to *SMBSERVER failed though Got a positive name query response from ( . What had happened ?  
        Please help .....i got a few books of samba which i had brought it but no avail ... still trying hard to get my samba working .....can work ?

my win client is win98 , Linux - Redhat 5.2 apollo...
Desperatedo ! Pat
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