Connection reset by peer

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Jul 18 08:58:27 GMT 2002

On 17 Jul 2002, Arturo Quintana wrote:

> smbclient //server/xxxx -U user, runs ok:
> Domain=[DOMAIN] OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]
> smb: \> 
> but when i try to mount with smbmount...:
> mount -t smbfs //ntalpha/doc /mnt/doc -o username=user1
> Password: 
> read_socket_with_timeout: timeout read. read error = Connection reset by
> peer.
> 11482: session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0
> SMB connection failed
> immediate answer!.

The server disconnected.

smbmount uses almost exactly the same code as smbclient for connecting.
There have been some differences in which default values they find, for
example smbmount didn't always set a username so only specifying "guest"
didn't work.

- If you are not using the latest samba, try upgrading to 2.2.5.
- Check that smbmount and smbclient are from the same version.
- Play with various smbmount options, perhaps the server wants you to set
  the workgroup (domain) name or something like that.


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