File acces from an other domain

Beikircher Christian Christian.Beikircher at
Wed Jan 30 12:44:15 GMT 2002

Hello everyone

I have a little Problem
I want to have access a Win9x-Station from Domain A (NT DOMAIN) to Linux
samba-Share in Domain B	(NT DOMAIN)
Security = DOMAIN
I tried, to add the user from Domain a to Domain B, on linux and samba site,
the user has enough rights.
I am able to do a net use to the samba-Server, but then it asks me the
I tired the domainpassword, the linux-password..... but nothing was wright.

Has someone experiance with this...
Thank you 

Have a lot of fun.........

Christian Beikircher
email: Christian.Beikircher at 

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