NBSS unreassembled packet

Nisha Srinivasan nisha at nsca.sel.sony.com
Tue Dec 3 22:46:34 GMT 2002


I have a SMB Client on Windows (actually Palm emulated on Windows).
Am trying to communicate with a  Windows XP SMB server.

After establishing a TCP connection, I do a NetBios Session Service request
to the SMB server.
 I get a negative response (0x83) with "Unspecified error" (0x8F).

Using etherreal,  the packet reads "NBSS unreassembled packet".
The hexadump of my packet looks correct - 4 bytes of header and 34 bytes
each of L2 encoded destination and source host names.

Googling doesn't throw much light on 'NBSS unreassembled packet'.
Appreciate any pointers or possible solutions.


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