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Tue Dec 11 22:56:44 GMT 2001

I'm having a problem getting  a list of  shares on a host  with smbclient.
This is a system running W2K.  It's in the QA lab (test system on the
private net).  The system I'am issuing the sbmclient cmd from has been multi
homed to access the private/public nets.

I  created a share named "SilkTest" on the system malibu with F/C
permissions.    Now I need to access this share and download a file into it.

Any ideas?

	su-2.05# smbclient -L malibu
	load_client_codepage: filename /usr/local/etc/codepages/codepage.850
does not exist.
	load_unicode_map: filename /usr/local/etc/codepages/unicode_map.850
does not exist.
	added interface ip= bcast=
	added interface ip= bcast=
	session request to MALIBU failed (Called name not present)
	Anonymous login successful
	Domain=[CIFS-DVT] OS=[Windows 5.0] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]

	        Sharename      Type      Comment
	        ---------      ----      -------
	Error returning browse list: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

	        Server               Comment

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