[Samba] Online AD Backup fails with "no auth" in 4.20?

Matthias Kühne | Ellerhold Aktiengesellschaft matthias.kuehne at ellerhold.de
Fri Jun 28 07:01:10 UTC 2024

Hello Michael,

thank you very much for your explanations.

Regards, Matthias.

Am 28.06.24 um 08:50 schrieb Michael Tokarev via samba:
> On 6/28/24 08:41, Matthias Kühne | Ellerhold Aktiengesellschaft via 
> samba wrote:
>> Hello Michael,
>> the order of installation is irrelevant, I just posted it to get one
>> point across: you need both samba-ad-provision and samba-dsdb-modules on
>> a member server to do the online backup.
>> With 4.19 both package were installed as dependency of the standard
>> "samba" package. With 4.20.2 the split into "samba" (fileserver) and
>> "samba-ad-dc" happened and these packages got removed from deps from the
>> fileserver - hence I uninstalled them on all my fileservers.
> Aha. This makes perfect sense.  I haven't realized you removed packages
> which were previously installed.  That's when it actually "stopped 
> working".
> And that's also where I was confused by the order of actions.
> Thank you, things are clear now.
>> That was my understanding ... but looking at samba
>> 2:4.19.7+dfsg-1~mjt-deb12 ... "samba-vfs-modules, samba-ad-provision"
>> are only in the recommends section, not in depends. They were not
>> manually installed (so should be marked auto installed and show be shown
>> as autoremovable). But with "apt autoremove" 0 packages are presented to
>> me? Running apt remove shows me that they are not a dependency of
>> another package??
>> So they're not depended on by other packages, werent installed manually
>> but wont be removed by autoremove? How is that possible?
> This is exactly how Recommends and Suggests package control fields 
> work in
> Debian (the difference between the two is that Recommends are 
> installed by
> default but Suggests are not).
> If a package is auto-installed, it isn't a subject for auto-removal as
> long as it is listed in at least one Recommends or Suggests (or, 
> obviously,
> Depends) of other packages.  It only becomes subject for auto-removal if
> it is not referenced by any other installed package.
> samba-dsdb-modules and samba-ad-provision are both dependencies of 
> samba-ad-dc
> in Debian currently. Neither of them is recommended or suggested by 
> other samba
> packages.  samba-ad-provision is only recommended by samba-ad-dc now, 
> it is
> not a dependency (so once the domain is set up, this package can be 
> removed -
> and as we learned in this thread, such removal will break domain backup).
> samba-dsdb-modules is used for auth within domain, - it would be 
> interesting
> to see which modules are actually required in this context (I'll take 
> a look
> later).
> Thanks,
> /mjt
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