[Samba] RHEL 8.8 sssd & winbind coexistence

E R fasteddieinaustin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 15:38:37 UTC 2024

Is it still considered best practice to uninstall sssd to ensure there
are no conflicts with winbind?  I ask because Red Hat is installing
sssd by default even on a minimal install of RHEL 8.8 (may apply to
earlier releases of RHEL 8).  This caught me off guard as MINIMAL is
supposed to mean something... ::sigh::

I only discovered this by accident when checking to ensure the
/etc/nsswitch.conf was proper and noticed sssd was there AFTER

# yum list installed | grep sssd

sssd-client.x86_64                            2.8.2-2.el8
sssd-common.x86_64                       2.8.2-2.el8
sssd-kcm.x86_64                              2.8.2-2.el8
sssd-nfs-idmap.x86_64                     2.8.2-2.el8

The @anaconda means the installer did this but even so I did a clean
install to confirm as well.

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