[Samba] salt in Samba password

Omnis ludis - games sergey.gortinsc17 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 09:32:09 UTC 2024

I am asking this question for general samba development, I just know that
windows ad does not use salt, but I thought that samba ad has it, but thank
you for the answer, but tell me is there an opportunity to enable salt on
samba ad? or will it lead to problems with windows ad

пт, 14 июн. 2024 г. в 11:40, Rowland Penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org

> On Fri, 14 Jun 2024 11:32:30 +0300
> Omnis ludis - games via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
> > Good afternoon everyone, is Samba using a password with salt by
> > default or how can this parameter be enabled in Samba?
> This all depends on how you are running Samba, if you are running it as
> a standalone server, then it uses an encrypted password, but if you are
> running a Samba AD domain, then it uses a base64 unicode password.
> I think you are going to have to be a little bit more precise in why
> you are asking this question.
> Rowland
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