[Samba] Async Query Directory (for VFS)

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Mon Jun 10 13:17:12 UTC 2024

On 5/28/24 11:03 PM, Dan Greenfield wrote:
> Thanks Ralph. Unfortunately that option doesn’t quite solve it.
> However even if it did, it’d still be good to add Async support for such 
> queries. If there is WIP then I can look into finishing off the code 
> myself. Can you point me to any branch that has this WIP? 

I'm not sure anyone has yet started working on this feature, so there 
might not be a WIP branch as a starting point.

> Looking 
> through Samba source3 internals, it looks somewhat straightforward to 
> add primitive support along the lines of Async pread, but given it 
> hasn’t been done I assume it may not be that simple - if so what are the 
> caveats?

yeah, I guess it would take a seasoned Samba veteran who knows the 
fileserver and our async primitives just a few weeks of work to flesh 
out and discuss a desgin and then implement it. But for an external 
contributor this is defenitely very challenging and will require a great 
deal of time, care and persistance.


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