[Samba] Problems with Samba as an AD and named

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Fri Sep 15 22:41:46 UTC 2023

 Hi Rowland,
ok. I wouldn't mind doung the new domain route. BUT:

1.) as I have 3 kids waiting here - I do not have time2.) as I said - I just have one Laptop where the AD is now running and if not really really necessary, I do not want to waste money and time just for searching, buying and replacing what I have
That said - I would prefer I fast solution with fixing what went wrong and afterwards with time make the changes to a new system.Otherwise I also can make the change - if all what is now in the AD could be exported. So that what now is configured is not lost (because of point 1. - I do not have plenty of time to wait until all works again)

I think one question could be clearified before making all the effort would be - Is the DNS Server accidentially running (or not running now) and all the information is in another site (the AD), if so - how is it to switch back to that information so that the DC is asking itself and answering correct.
Thanks - and good night for today...Matthias

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>  Hi Rowland,
> I learned a bit from the samba-tools while trying to administer that
> installation (the most, when I had to move from the former DC to that
> now and to demote the old one and so on), but I am sure I do not know
> in deep of that. With ldapsearch I just know some basics - so
> basically no. If it is better I also could make a new reinstall and
> forget of that zentyal thing. I just was unsure. But the Problem is -
> because of power and money thoughts the AD DC is on an old laptop and
> I do not know on which installation I should put it when not there.
> And if I understood fine, to move from one DC to another the old one
> has to be online. It is not possible to dump all the information and
> make a move. Is it? But after all I think it is just a little thing
> as it ran until yesterday...
> Thank you

To be honest, I probably could talk you through fixing your setup, but
it will probably be easier, if possible, to setup a new domain.

If you do decide to go down the new domain route, can I make a few
suggestions ?
Use  the latest Debian and use Samba from bookworm-backports, which
will get you Samba 4.18.6. This isn't the very latest version, but it
is very close.
Use the internal dns server when you provision.


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