[Samba] samba ad, windows machines, roaming profiles: empty Start menu at first login?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Thu Sep 14 11:22:31 UTC 2023


For quite a while I wanted to ask this question, so here it goes.

We've a samba-based AD (installed on samba 4.13, now running on 4.17,
but this does not seem to matter), with AD-DC and a separate File Server
(FS). The FS holed user roaming profiles which gets syncronized to/from
windows computers upon user login/logout the usual way.

When there's no (old) user profile copy stored on a windows computer,
after user logs in (which is somewhat slow since the profile is being
copied from FS), their start menu is completely empty, - there's nothing
in there besides the "Settings" link.  No installed programs are shown

After logout and on the next login (so when the login happens when this
user profile already exists on the computer, it only needs to be updated),
the start menu is shown as it should be, complete with all installed

I haven't seen something similar on a windows-based DC.  Unfortunately
I can't tell if it is samba-DC-related or samba-fileserver-related, -
don't have partial environment to test.  Maybe I should try creating
a test AD with 3 computers to experiment.

Windows currently is 10 22H2 (ltsc), the same behavior has been observed
with previous ltsc (1801 iirc), and - I *think* - win7 behaved the same
way too, but I'm not sure about this.

Has anyone seen this?  How user profiles work on your samba-based AD?



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