[Samba] man smb.conf page

Kees van Vloten keesvanvloten at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:51:21 UTC 2023

Hi Team,

I am just reading another message which touches wiki updates.

It triggers me to ask about the man smb.conf page, which I am using 
mostly online from the samba.org website.

Man smb.conf contains a lot of settings for quite a number of different 
"solutions" which are part of the Samba suite.

Some examples are: AD-DC, NT4-PDC/BDC, smbd-fileserver, winbind, etc.

With all this information in just one page it is really hard to know 
which setting can be used where. Although Rowland does a fantastic job 
in pointing me (and many others) in the right direction, I have the 
feeling there is room for improvement of this page.

The nicest solution would be, in my opinion, to split it in multiple 
pages, one per solution. But that is a lot of work and it would lead to 
duplication of common items.

So though of a different way: each parameter already has an indicator 
(G) or (S) for global or share, would it not be handy to add another 
such tag for the solutions it can be used for?

For example DC, NT4, FS, WB, etc., so you could get a tag like: [DC, 
NT4] for a config item usable on AD-DCs and NT4-PDCs.

Adding tag is not that much work but it would help me (and hopefully 
others) a lot!

- Kees.

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