[Samba] WG: Update to samba 4.19 Aduc no longer working No login

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Sep 12 08:07:08 UTC 2023

12.09.2023 10:14, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:

>> 12.09.2023 09:56, Daniel Müller via samba:

>>> /dev/shmtmpfs                           5,0M    4,7M  324K   94%
>>> /run/lock   <--- samba is filling

> That is a really strange configuration, with TB of disk available
> elsewhere!

It actually is not.  All these are tmpfs filesystems, ie, something which
is entirely in RAM.  Which fits exactly for this usage.

It is also quite common to have /run/lock separate from /run, and to have
5M of space in /run/lock.  This is because /run/lock is really for locking
purposes only, to have things like zero-length lock files (which are fcntl-
locked by some process) to prevent concurrent access to some subsystem, or
maybe pid files, or somesuch.  This stuff is really small and 5M is more
than adequate for this.

However, samba lock directory not only have this sort of lock files, but
it also contains database of files open by remote clients.  This one is
significantly larger, and really should not be put to /run/lock, even if
both are about "locking".  The difference here is, basically, /run/lock
is meant for "subsystem" or "service" locking, and there's just a small
amount of services on the system.  But samba locking is a client thing
which can be huge depending on server usage.

Also, besides the locking, samba keeps some other data in this directory,
like f.e. gencache.tdb.  Still, locking.tdb is the largest file in there,
it seems like.

This is exactly why I configure samba on debian to use /run/samba for
all this stuff instead of /run/lock.

Using /var/run for this isn't a good idea, since this all is a run-time
stuff which should be removed at exit/reboot, and things like that are
best to be kept in ram, - fast access, significantly less hdd wear etc.

Generally, samba does place its files a bit arbitrary and unthinkfully.
For example, in debian I have a patch which move socket directory (which
is definitely a runtime thing, with sockets to communicate with running
processes) to lock directory instead of having them in /var/lib/samba/ (!!)
where they don't fit at all.


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