[Samba] What are the potential side effects of Multi Versions of Samba AD in the same domain.

Holan defactoman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 17:21:40 UTC 2023

Hey Samba Userlist!

I've been performing a rollout of upgrades to our 4.7.6 environment
bringing it up to 4.15.13. The process I use for this is to demote the old
DC, load a new OS with the later versions and rejoin as a DC. I've managed
to update 2 of the 3 DCs to 4.15.13, with the 3rd (and previously primary
FSMO holder which has since been migrated to the newer DC) sitting at 4.7.6
in a position I can't update for a couple month or so to decommission and
move to new hosting.

What are the side effects of running multiple versions for a few months?
Are the effects generally localized to the DC being used by the clients or
are there greater replication problems I should be concerned about.

As a general FYI i'm already planning another hop to Debian Backports to
bring my version up to  more supported levels so hoping to update the two
4.15.3 to 4.18 before I get to updating the 4.7.6. But if there is a chance
this is hurting my foundations I'll probably just try to get to the 4.7.6
asap before moving to backports.  All samba-tool checks for things like
kcc, dbcheck and other things are coming back fine.

Thanks for any insight on this anyone can give me!
defactoman at gmail.com

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