[Samba] Question about silos and Authentication policies

Rob van der Linde rob at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Oct 30 23:43:29 UTC 2023

I was playing around again with Windows and when you add members to 
silos, or remove them, it should not set/unset assigned silo on the user.

So I've got a new pull request in Draft state still where I remove that 
functionality, as well as add some new commands to samba-tool user command.

It turned out to be easier to add sub commands to user, as edit user 
wasn't quite what I thought it was and I had realised that after writing 
my last email.

samba-tool user auth silo assign/remove/view
samba-tool user auth policy assign/remove/view

I probably completely have the wording wrong still, I'm going to look at 
using the same wording as Windows does so please consider this PR a 
draft only. I'm having a look at the Windows tooling in detail now.

On 28/10/23 03:54, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
> Am 27.10.23 um 02:32 schrieb Rob van der Linde via samba:
>> The missing functionality is --silo and --policy on modify user, and 
>> probably also create user commands.
> That's exacly right, that's also the way Windows is handling this.

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