[Samba] Permissions issue on domain member server (samba as an appliance)

Greg Dickie greg at justaguy.ca
Fri Oct 27 19:07:56 UTC 2023


  We have a rat's nest of windows servers all sharing little bits of
storage which I'm trying to consolidate on one biggish linux server. I've
install a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 and samba 4.15 that comes standard. I've also
joined the domain using autorid as the backend and users are getting UID
and GIDs correctly as evidenced by wbinfo -i USER and id USER. I've also
mapped a domain admin user to root using username map and the connection
shows up as root in smbstatus. Created a share, changed the group of the
directory to "Domain Admins" and did a g+rwx on the share root dir.
Everything looks good.

But. When I connect to the share as that admin user and try a mkdir tt I
get access denied. robocopy from one of the windows servers give me "A
required privilege is not help by the client".

Level 10 logs are pretty verbose but I did not see a cause.

What am I missing? Where should I look next?



Greg Dickie
just a guy

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