[Samba] Member join to Active Directory -> DNS-Update fails

Luis Peromarta lperoma at icloud.com
Fri Oct 27 13:49:25 UTC 2023

On Oct 27, 2023 at 15:41 +0200, Bestattungen Vitt - Thomas Reitelbach via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>, wrote:
> Hello list,
> And this is the debug log on the machine where the DNS-Update is tried
> upon:
> Oct 27 14:58:21 vmads.vitt.site samba[16373]: [2023/10/27
> 14:58:21.679662, 0]
> ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
> Oct 27 14:58:21 vmads.vitt.site samba[16373]: Can't handle updates of
> type 255 yet
I assume your record does not exist already.
> I guess this is because this specific machine has an old samba version
> (4.6.4) which lacks the necessary functions.
> What are my options now?
> a) update Samba on the old machine to a current version? (not preferred)
Excelent idea. Try:

> b) let the joining Fileserver choose a different AD-Server preferred for
> DNS-Updates? (how would I do that?? the other AD servers are running on
> debian 11 with samba 4.17.9) All FSMO-Roles are at the other AD servers.
I don’t think you can do that unless you stop samba in the old server. Worth trying .
> c) create the necessary DNS-Entry manually (tried that already with the
> Windows DNS Client, this works)
> d) ---another idea??? ---
> The server with the old samba version is my old File server and AD
> server in one machine
You probably refer to a DC server, not an AD server.
>  and is going to be demoted and shut down soon (in
> the past I made the mistake to put File Server and AD Server on this
> machine)
Bad idea. You know that already ;)
> -> That's the reason why I want to join a new Fileserver to the
> domain.
Review your member server config, just in case your missing something:


And post your smb.conf on the new member server and one of the new DCs would help diagnose.
> But unfortunately I cannot shut down the old server bevor the new one is
> in place.
> Sorry for the long explanation, hoping someone can push me in the right
> direction.
> Thank you in advance.

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