[Samba] @Michael Tokarev: Samba 4.17.12

Ingo Asche foren at asche-rz.de
Wed Oct 18 09:32:45 UTC 2023

Hi Michael,

thanks for the info - and your work...

As Bookworm for Raspberry isn't that far away, I can live with that. 
This is "just" my playground...


Michael Tokarev via samba schrieb am 18.10.2023 um 09:17:
> 16.10.2023 15:50, Ingo Asche via samba wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> short question: will the Bullseye-Backports getting 4.17.12, too?
>> I saw, Bookworm is already updated...
> Since oldstable-bpo archive in debian is always subject to manual
> backports-policy processing (all uploads are processed manually),
> I don't push stuff to oldstable-bpo often.  On the other hand, this
> security update definitely should go to oldstable-bpo.
> There's just too many places to update samba in debian :)
> /mjt

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