[Samba] Replication of Samba 4.8 DC to 4.19 ?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Wed Oct 11 22:18:15 UTC 2023

11.10.2023 12:04, miguel medalha via samba :
> I have a particular AD domain which, due to hardware- and OS-related issues,
> is still at version 4.8.12.
> It is finally possible to upgrade the system. If I add a new version 4.19 DC
> to the domain, will it replicate correctly from version 4.8.12, or will I
> need to upgrade in phases, from major version to major version?

It should just work.  I can't say it will, for this particular combination,
but generally it works fine.  You can try to join and see.  There should be
nothing bad happening to the existing DCs.

Personally I'm a bit cautious to use a .0 version (4.19.0 is a first release
of 4.19 ever, and 4.19.1 does not count as it is an un-planned security-only
bugfix release), but this might be just me. In the past first releases in the
next series did have issues.


> The current DCs would then be removed from the domain and scrapped.
> Any tips, in particular those coming from direct experience with a similar
> situation, would be much appreciated.

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