[Samba] Joining a Linux domain member to an actual Windows AD Domain

Peter Milesson miles at atmos.eu
Mon Oct 9 17:59:53 UTC 2023

On 09.10.2023 19:29, Peter Milesson via samba wrote:
> On 09.10.2023 18:57, Mark Foley via samba wrote:
>> I am attempting to join a Linux host as a domain member to a Windows 
>> AD domain.
>> I am following the instructions in 
>> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_Samba_as_a_Domain_Member
>> I am at the section in that doc, "Resolving SRV Records" which says, 
>> "Active
>> Directory (AD) uses SRV records to locate services, such as Kerberos 
>> and LDAP.
>> To verify that SRV records are resolved correctly, use the nslookup 
>> interactive
>> shell:", and I go ahead and do the suggested commands:
>> # nslookup
>>> set type=SRV
>>> _ldap._tcp.cwaserver1.cwa4502.local
>> Server:
>> Address:
>> ** server can't find _ldap._tcp.cwaserver1.cwa4502.local: NXDOMAIN
>> # host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.cwaserver1.cwa4502.local
>> Host _ldap._tcp.cwaserver1.cwa4502.local not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
>> As you can see, this test appears to be failing.
>> Other Windows workstations are connected to this Domain w/o problem.  
>> Is it
>> critical for this SRV record thing to work? If so, what suggestions 
>> are there on
>> what needs to be done in the domain controller to fix this?
>> Thanks --Mark
> Hi Mark,
> Try A records instead. In my AD domains, there are only A , CNAME and 
> PTR records. If there are no SRV records, you will obviously get errors.
> Best regards,
> Peter
Just to clarify, there are SRV records, but they are the default domain 
records (_kerberos, _ldap, etc.).

Best regards,


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