[Samba] Best way to test new platform

David Bean d_bean at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 19:29:16 UTC 2023

Good day,

I am working on building a 32 bit port for ReactOS based on an older version of cygwin (2.5.2). So far I have a very patched up 4.11.0 code tree that will build, and I wondered what would be the most effective way to test the parts on this 'platform' (widest test coverage with least time spent). There was a good bit of library backporting involved to use the old version of cygwin, so failures could be hiding almost anywhere.

I was able to do some basic fileshare testing by creating smb.conf, running smbd.exe and using smbclient to connect, read the directory, put and get a small file and then confirmed that I could use smbcontrol to stop smbd. I had to do a lot of 'ugly' arm twisting in waf, python and cygwin to get this far, so it's a build that is far far away from being clean.. but I would like to know how to test it to find how much of it is (to some degree) functional. I have also performed these tests on Windows 2003 standard and Windows 10 Pro on ntfs by using non-default ports and my cygwin dll. As far as I can tell it works fine on windows as well, but I have yet to test it using the current cygwin DLL (that's next).

Since ReactOS uses FAT32 I also made some mods in the samba codebase to mode and ACL handling controlled by a new parameter to get things to run at all in that very limited filesystem and I also added a parameter to allow bypassing the configuration check exit so I could test smbd.exe even if the configuration called for using samba.exe. So far only smbd.exe has really seen any server testing..


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